hvac maintenance tips for pet owners

HVAC Maintenance Tips For Pet Owners

One of the most important HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners is that heating and air conditioning units should be serviced and adjusted every year. Pets are an important part of the family and should be treated as such.

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Leaving HVAC units on "the old side" can result in discomfort and even illness for your pet.

Many of us live in areas where temperatures are extreme throughout the year. During wintertime temperatures can be cold and in the summer months temperatures can be hot.

Not only do you have to worry about keeping the heat and air conditioning unit operating but also the cooling unit. The cooling unit can be a large, old unit that takes up much space and can be a health hazard.

One of the best HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners is that you should unplug the air conditioning unit once a month, regardless if you are home or away. When you leave your home, take along a checklist with you that includes all of your household electronics.

On each day, check to see if the unit has powered down completely and if it still has power, you can test it one more time. Many people fail to remember that they should actually turn the power off before testing their system.

If the unit still doesn't turn on after several hours of testing, you should probably assume that there is a problem and you should not use the air conditioning unit for a few days while it is being repaired.

Another one of the best HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners is that you should change the filters on your air conditioner at least twice a year. Filters can become clogged with hair, dust, pet dander, and other pollutants.

These pollutants can cause an air conditioning unit to become less efficient and reduce the amount of cool air that it can produce. You should change the filter completely out every summer and then replace it in the winter. This will help to keep your air conditioning unit free from impurities.

Of course, keeping your pet clean is another important HVAC maintenance tip for pet owners. You should wipe down the interior surfaces of your air conditioning unit at least once a week using a mild soap and water solution.

This will help to prevent pet dander, hair, and other substances from getting into the unit. When you are washing the windows, it is important that you do not use any harsh detergents or chemicals. Instead, use a mild dish detergent that is safe for your pet to use.

Finally, one of the best HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners is to keep the thermostat set at a comfortable temperature. Hot air rises and cold air descend. If you find that the unit has become too hot while it is cooling your home, switch it back on.

Likewise, if the unit is too cold, then take it down and give it a quick cycle. Your HVAC system will be working much better, and you will save money on cooling and heating costs during the summer months and the winter months.

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